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RFMEDIA GROUP is a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of event industry and radio broadcasting. The company's mission is an individual approach to clients. Each of our projects is unique and has no analogues in the world! Through the many years of experience of the entire team, you always get what you have in mind! And even a little brighter!


We offer a wide range of services to develop your business and your team


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One day entertainment radio - online corporate party for your employees in the “Radio Day” style

Invite our crew to your main office, and enjoy how all of your colleagues will take part, entertaining radio broadcast dedicated to the Corporate Day, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's, New Year, Patrick's or any other day you like to celebrate!


Broadcasting is built by the scheme:

40% talks 60% music


Enjoy your company's one-day own radio station, at your office, created by our team to celebrate  your corporate event or any other day such as Christmas or Labor day, featuring popular radio hosts of your region or country*, exciting DJs* and your own broadcast playlist. We are setting up the temporary studio at your office, top management will be on air with their special speeches. All branches are listeners and all staff are members of the live air. Branded jingles and radio imaging, as well as calls to the studio, entertainment competitions and much more! Broadcasting is coming via the private link.



Business radio is a useful broadcast for your employees, visitors of

special event

Let's say you are organizing an exhibition or trade show.  Regardless of the size, our RFMedia team will organize a branded business radio to improve and reach the best goals of your business event. Visitors, employees, accredited members, are always involved into the process during all time of the show.

Broadcasting is built by the scheme:

65% talks 35% calm music


We will create the campain's event business radio station, at your location, featuring by the important experts of your work-field (psychologists, economists, business trainers, coaches etc.), supervised by the popular radio hosts in your region or country*. Branded jingles and radio imaging as well as a full scope of feedback such as questions via the phone calls, voice messages or social networks chats from your accredited members, visitors and employees to the invited experts. All of this will gain up your corporate comunity and create the positive result! Your potential advertisers can launch a live advertising campaign to reduce the cost of our servicesю Broadcasting is carried out via the Internet using a private link.



Your Corporate radio

Fully functional radio station

From Zero to Live Air 

This is the TOP-Level option, but if your company grown up to this level, there is no frames to keep it hided. Having your own, fully equiped radio studio and qualified personnel - is our honor at the end of creation and our team knows how to do it.

Everything is on your own hands:

100% of your fantasy


As it's written above, RFMeadia is the team of high-experienced proffesionals in radio and show business! We are going to carefully select all nessesary equipment, based on your requirements and budget. Our technicians will install and set up all gadgets to have everthing operational. We will organize a qualified training for the personnel assigned to work on air. We also will create the starter package for your own media, including media plan, broadcast schedule, radio imaging etc. From this point - everything will be in your hands and depends on your fantasy / or you can trust all care of everything to our end.

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