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Welcome to the unique space
of the First Mobile Dance Radio Station and a HOUSE music, checked by the ages!


First Mobile Dance Radio Station

Programmed by the universe in 2016 and opened in 2017, REAL FM RADIO has collected the very best of HOUSE time-tested music. Some of our residents have been at the forefront of the formation of the dance culture of St. Petersburg, Russia and Worldwide since the 90s. We are the first mobile dance radio station in the world who broadcasting on an "open studio" principle. The REAL FM RADIO team consists more than 56 residents who regularly and with pleasure having live air every day! At this moment, we have more than 1M connections every week. In 2018, we were surprised by the statistics, which showed 4,217,000 connections per month! The main content of the Radio Station is a house music of the 2000s, but we respect and love the artists who do their good job while this days! Since 2019, we have expanded our ranks and now, you can regularly hear our colleagues from the United States and Europe! Now we have every day Our own application is available in the AppStore and Google Play, so you can stay with us anywhere in the world! 

In general, HOUSE is our HOUSE (and yours)!


Today, the REAL FM RADIO playlist contains a collection of the most exclusive show programs. For connoisseurs of the old DJ school, we have prepared for you - "VINYL MONDAY". DJ - residents and guests of the air share their collections of records. Unique specimens amaze listeners. The mastery of mixing is amazing and delightful. The authorship of many tracks belongs to DJs working on the air of REAL FM RADIO. Some releases are only available on vinyl records and not digitized. MCDJ PARTY is a unique format for radio in general. The classic work of the MC-host in one team with a DJ. The presenter takes the listeners to a nightclub, immerses them in a dance atmosphere. OPEN HoUSe are exclusive mixes and sets of our American Colleagues. The most top US DJs regularly present their works for you. HOUSE FRIDAY - every week we prepare you for the upcoming club weekend, and the PreParty authoring program from the legendary MAX MAGNUM will make you feel the movement even before entering your favorite nightclub!




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Specially for you guys, we crated our own application REAL FM RADIO for the major platforms such as Apple & Play Google.

By scanning the QR code, you can instantly download it to your device. Connect to the live air now!




Our experts are ready to advise you at any convenient time! We will calculate the placement of your advertising package as soon as possible. REAL FM RADIO sales department will provide you with the most attractive prices! All you need is to  send us your contact details to the e-mail below and our staff will contact you as soon as possible!

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